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Nov 27, 2012 12:00am PST
story, does america need a drone policy? some say yes, and others say not as long as the messiah is in charge. and chris brown quits twitter. how this fine young man was under hoed and bullied by an evil woman. and a man arrested for riffing a manatee. we will have an interview with the manatee's mother. wait until you hear what she has to say. >> thanks. >> gobble, gobble. >> indeed. gobble, gobble, bill loves that. >>> i first met her during a bomb scare on an l.a. city bus. as long as the bus stayed 50 miles an hour the bomb didn't go off. we barely made it out alive. i am here with imogen lloyd webber. her latest book is called "the twitter diaries." and he was a janitor who liked to solve complex math problems. it is "the daily beast's" editor. and we cemented our friendship after he convinced me to play hook key. we had a blast in downtown chicago. it is bill schulz. and i met him during world war ii. he helped me save a friend of mine who lost three of his brothers in battle. jonathon hunt, chief correspondent for studio b and the report on fox newschannel. >> should we ho
FOX News
Nov 21, 2012 12:00am PST
understand to be modern america's realization of the american dream and the american story is a way to raise awareness of the less glamorous parts of america's history. that's frankly not true. meanwhile meditating cat has managed to block out the controversy. >> was that its tail? thank god. jedediah, i know you are -- i need to ask you a question. does this accomplish anything other than make the student union feel like they have accomplished something? it doesn't have anything to do with education. it has to do with feeling. >> it has to do with diversity. i am someone who always says campuses lean left. they ban ann coulter. if you are -- you are going to meet a conservative and talk about diversity and then you say well everything is allowed. let these people speak their mind. you can hold something in opposition to it on campus, but the problem is that campuses oftentimes only allow things when they are convenient. >> a very good point. >> what do you make of this? are we ever going to get tired of these weird protests? >> it is ridiculous. i heard potluck dinner and i heard marijuana
FOX News
Nov 22, 2012 12:00am PST
, but every turkey in america, and then i thought this was weird. you added that thanksgiving and christmas should be canceled. >> absolutely. you know, i feel peta is intolerant. if you have a tradition in your family that you roast your birds alive and then kill them afterwards, that's different cultures. i actually sympathize with peta on this. if obama fails to pardon these turkeys, it is more meat for the rest of us. >> that's a good point. >> do you have that tradition in your family? >> is that wrong? >> i am not judging. >> it is the geek pro decision. we bite -- it is the geek tradition. we bite their heads off and then they die and we say thanks. is this a problem? >> no. >> i was just going say maybe i am wrong, but a lot of times i like to pick up a frozen turkey and scream at it and b re ate it . >> they actually like that. >> liz, peta compared the rights of birds with the rights of oppressed is that argument dumb or really dumb? >> probably really dumb. listen, i do agree with peta. by the way, what is this presidential ceremony about pardoning the turkey? i agree with what t
FOX News
Nov 9, 2012 12:00am PST
is the turtle was america having sex and then the turtle fell over and that is america after the election. barak you sane obama stopped that turtle from having sex. i thought miles, your son, was going to be there. >> that was a gast idea. i don't know who agreed to that. he is grounded for rey ecting a bloody -- re-electing a bloody amateur. >> you didn't vote for barack obama, but your son did? >> i can't vote because i am bloody scottish. he doesn't know anything about him. he plays basketball. i was livid. i am going to be on the news tonight, dad. no. >> wow. sherrod, obama won the popular vote by a narrow margin compared to 2008. so really he lost. >> listen, man, it was a good race. mitt romney, god bless him. he is a good dude, but it wasn't his time. here are the real winners of they lexes, fox news. fox news. everybody looks sad. it is like, he just breathed life into this building. you make the most money in these four years than anybody. you should have thrown a party when he won. what are you nuts? >> i remember when i worked for the american spectator during the regan years and it
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Nov 17, 2012 11:00pm PST
from a belly? people from 19 states have filed petitions from america. on the obama administration's we the people website. and some are close to getting the 25,000 signatures needed to require an administration response with texas a mere 600 short as of monday afternoon. it is particularly feasible for texas to withdraw from the union and to do so would protect the citizen standard of living and resecure their rights in accordance with the beliefs of our founding fathers that are no longer reflected by the federal government. so what do pandas make out of all of this? >> they don't know anything. they are stupid pandas. what do you make of this? some states can do this. some states can't. >> i think texas can pull it off. they are in a grown upstate. i think louisiana was a close second. they would be more like the high school kid that ran away from home and spend all of their money on booze and hung out with mississippi, got in trouble and they lived in texas for a little while until we took them back. >> you know, it is an interesting point. the idea creates an experiment in which yo
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Nov 16, 2012 12:00am PST
's america, friend. >> you know what, we don't have friends. isn't that the truth? >> guys like you make me wonder why comedians are more liberal? you are out there uh -- applying your wears. you are an independent contractor. you see how businesses are run. there is nothing more conservative than comedy clubs. >> and it makes me wonder why you put that outfit together. but we are not here for that. >> what did you say it was? >> you dress like a -- like if i had bought a doll of a president. i would dress it like you. >> presidents are important. they dress up. >> twitter, imogen, you said europe is not so much into free speech. and then you were taken a back by andy accusing of not understanding the hunts of freedom. >> i am blonde and have no idea what i am doing. >> while europe has something to learn of free speech about america -- >> we have everything to learn from america. we didn't start it. >> but they are further ahead as far as libel law is concerned. the libel laws are -- the bar is lower in europe. you can sue somebody who defames you. you can't in this country. >> that's why
FOX News
Nov 10, 2012 12:00am PST
for the dudes who hang out in the auto parts club. is america ready for an answer? please include the word no. >> they could be. but why are we talking about this now? >> what else are we going to do? >> what are you wearing for halloween in four years? it just happened. just give it time. >> that's our next topic. >> it is 2016. you are going as a munster. >> and you died from whatever disease keeps you that tiny. >> is it projeria. >> i don't know but that could explain why it is shrinking. >> and you are 14. >> does the gop have to run someone not white or male? should it be a member of the bird family? >> you mean like robert bird? he is dead. >> actual flying things. >> marco rubio had me with his gorgeous lips. unfortunately he might capture some of the socially conservative law tone know vote. but republicans did themselves no great favor by being super coble social con. this is a great time for civil war. and the democrats could see on. and i will propose if hillary clinton wants a majority in the country she should be more libertarian. not only would it be her spending predecessors,
FOX News
Nov 1, 2012 12:00am PDT
for a pre game president are. >> welcome back, america. coming up, should a twitter user who saved tweets face criminal charges? or a twitter user not face criminal charges ? we will answer one of these questions straight ahead. and could you date someone who plans to vote for the other guy? some say yes, but i'm assuming some say no or we wouldn't be talking about it. and nine men arrested for betting on their kids pee wee football games. the shocking story that seems fine to me, but honestly it is in the back half of the show, so i didn't pay uh techs to it. pay attention to it. >> sorry about your cat. >> i would appreciate you not spreading false information or i may have the manhattan da look into it it. >> i thought because you were trapped in your apartment for three days and had nothing to eat. >> are you wrong. >> i have not seen pixel or stormy and you look fat. >> i deny everything you are saying. a, i don't look fat. how dare you? >> i see some extra whiskers on your face. >> b, i don't look fat, and how dare you? >> go away liar, denier. >>> she is so sharp that ma machetes u
FOX News
Nov 14, 2012 12:00am PST
to him, author and tv personality and america's bad boy, greg gutfeld. since he is letting me fill in, i will mention his book "the joy of hate" on sale. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> it is like a love triangle, but with four sides. if only there were a word for that shape. the petraeus scandal may have sunk another four-star general as the american commander, john allen is being investigated for inappropriate communications with a woman at the center of this mess. allen allegedly exchanged hundreds of flirtatious e-mails with jill kelley who alerted the fbi when she received harassing e-mails from paula broadwell. and don't order yet. there is more. fox confirms the agent she notified and who triggered the investigation was removed from the case because of his behavior which included sending shirtless photos of himself to kelley. "red eye" acquired a taper portedly of the agent. can we see that? >> owe. >> will you quit? >> owe indeed. diane, as the scandal widens, is anyone safe? i feel like i am going to be dragged into it. >> it doesn't bowed well that the leader o
FOX News
Nov 17, 2012 12:00am PST
. america's future foundation chairman. i think it is a front for child slavery. and in russia, he is considered a test subject. it is my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and if fierce commentary was a thanksgiving turkey he would poison your whole family. sitting next to me, ie, mike baker. >> he is heffy. >> former cia operative and the makers of diligence cat toys. diligence cat hammocks and diligence cat hair nets. for all of your cat toy and cat hammocks and cat hair net needs, think diligence. diligence, you won't even know you are dead, but they will. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> wonder bread has been left for dead. yes, a nation is in morning as hostess is closing its pack tory for good. the maker of twimkies and double dogs said they couldn't reach a deal with the striking bakers by thursday it would have no choice but to shutdown. with that deadline past, the company's ceo issued a statement on friday saying this. >> we deeply regret the necessity, but do not have the sources to weather an extended nationwide strike. in september the baker's union reje
FOX News
Nov 28, 2012 12:00am PST
the sitcom that enriched him financially and america spiritually. he makes $350,000 a show and the show contridicts his christian values and urged viewers mott to ouch what. roll tape, tape rollers. >> jake from "two and a half men" means nothing. he is a nonexistent character. if you watch "two and a half men" please stopwatching. i am on "two and a half men" and i don't want to be on it. please stop filling your head with filth. please. >> that kid is a publicist's dream. >> according to the hollywood reporter he will not appear before christmas, but his absence has nothing to do with his comments. >> he has no idea how close he is to the wood chipper. >> hello. allen, are you home? >> andy. what are you doing here? >> i thought i would surprise you with a booty call. >> lower your voice. >> booty call. >> ambassador have you met renaldo before? >> that is quite an experience. jay we were going to do a story about gaza and you e-mailed and said no i want to talk about "two and a half men." >> i figured this out during the day. >> i did not know you are a long-time "two and a half men"
FOX News
Nov 3, 2012 12:00am PDT
". when i took broadcasting speaker and i had to speak like someone from middle america, it was easy everybody is like it's an "a". [ laughter ] it really happens. i love you. but i appreciate it. this poor girl. it was like an hour long. >> what was wrong with her? >> it was like da. >> and i have a question for you. >> let's talk more about the class. >> we can talk to bill. >> i've never felt this way about ice before this way in in my life. we will have more coming up. note. >> few quick program notes, i'll see you back sunday for a special edition. no "redeye" monday or tuesday and brand-new "redeye" i hope will return wednesday. ♪ ♪ >> we really don't know. andy levy. >> you hope we return wednesday because if there is elections, not that the show is being cancelled? >> i'm assuming like, if it gets close we won't have a wednesday storm. >> i don't like ugly rumors. michael what do you got. >> stuff coming up with the daily beast. >> and big weekend plans. >> i'm going to reconnect with my friends. >> and who are you voting for? [ laughter ] >> andy levy. >> imus in the
FOX News
Nov 20, 2012 12:00am PST
exposing himself does. you are a pervert. it is not a lifestyle. >> the funny thing about living in america and being pro liberty is every time you come up with a parameter they blow your mind. i think nudity should be allowed. i have no problem with the human body. i am nude at home all the time. my wife is trying to curb that. i don't know. we went to the hospital store and we said you are not allowed to have chunk food in the lobby of hospitals. you said that is ridiculous. and then you see how many obese people they have to deal with and you say maybe you have to push a little too far. have i been to san francisco during gay pride. i said look, it is the body god gave them. enjoy yourself. and then you are walking out and see and you say, oh my god. wow. maybe no. that's a bit rich. >> don't do that. >> but you were actually walking by bill's party. >> i had to convince my son that pirates usually wear two eye patches. >> bill, last word. >> i mean, i'm certainly of the mind that if you are not hurting anybody, go ahead and do it. but this is -- you are hurting our eyes. they are trauma
FOX News
Nov 30, 2012 12:00am PST
not only should we transfer the detainees to america, but we should then set them free. you said you would take one on your couch. >> every sentence starts with you were saying. >> you are always talking in the green room. >> i am not against bringing them over provided they can do it safely. this report highlighted all of the obstacles. it didn't provide many solutions to those obstacles. i think there is a lot maury search to be done. more research to be done. you have to adjust the laws. >> you also have to adjust the law. i'm sure congress passed a law making it illegal to house them on u.s. soil. >> exactly. >> this is moot. >> for now. >> there is a lot of work that needs to be done. maybe we should have started this earlier. there is a lot of work to be done to make this happen even if they figure outlaw gist stickily how to do it. >> it does seem like president obama has given up on his pledge to close gitmo. why has your messiah for -- forsaken you. >> if we close, gitmo is closed, right? joy what is moot? is moot gitmo's -- is that mitt's brother? >> i think the stands for me on
FOX News
Nov 15, 2012 12:00am PST
though. according to my friends -- there is like is america's sweetheart of dating sites. and okay cupid is the full on -- that's like a big hookup one. and having said that one of the packages she had when she started negotiating money because she wanted to buy $45 jeans. >> it was money for sex too. >> the guy responded that he would take her out to practice before her mommy came out to pick her up the next morning. no lie. followed it up with the emoticon smiley face. >> bill makes a good p oi nt. it is what his friends tell them, there are many class tau locations of on-line dating. >> and they are all okay. >> go to the entire thing is amazing. and full disclosure and several years ago we spent a love reweekend in san tropez. do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. it is red eye at fox and do you have video of your animal doing something? that's nice. go to fox eye and click on submit a video and we might use it. still ahead, the half time report from jedediah bila. tonight is sponsored by ears. the sensory organs used for
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)